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3Comply Philosophy

Why Comply Simply?


We help companies with limited compliance resources develop, enhance, and revise compliance programs that support regulations, privacy, security and operational efficiencies 

3Comply provides consultative services in the area of developing and implementing compliance, privacy and/or security programs. It will also assist companies in preparing for audits, responding to audit findings, conducting third party assessments and due diligence and establishing or updating documentation related to the compliance program. The overall objective is to help our clients apply ethical compliance principles to enable them to do business with less risk. 

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We are experts at providing simple methods to integrate compliance into your operations which will help you reduce your risk and can leverage key efficiencies.  We turn compliance into an asset.  

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State of Compliance

A baseline of what is driving your compliance program is critical to understanding whether you are on track or not.  We perform a focused, short assessment to identify:

  • regulations, industry standards or company requirements driving the program
  • find opportunities for streamlining, improvement and simplification
  • provide an action plan


Comply Simply


One reason people hate compliance is it gets too complicated to execute and management does not see the benefit of the investment or the time required by so many people.  Our goal is to simplify the methods used: 

  • Execute the plan - either we do it for you or help you do it
  • Create or revise documents including a training plan
  • Establish monitoring method to ensure evidence of compliance


Improve Simply

In order to Improve Simply, you must be able to take all the inputs and improve your state of compliance by simplifying and updating your methods. This includes reviewing the attributes of your program and/or your documentation and training.  We help you Improve Simply by providing:


  • Check up of key risks, core documents, policies, code of conduct, training records, etc. 
  • Improve documentation and/or 
  • Develop a plan for key steps and timeline for improvement
  • Enable a satisfactory state of compliance or response to an audit or investigation

More About Us

Tool Tuning



  • Most compliance tools are actually deployed at < 10% of capabilities
  • Tune up the tool with missing data and/or documentation
  • Leverage your investment to ensure ROI and demonstrate compliance

Industry Specific Services


 Management Consulting services include but are not limited to: 

  • GxP compliance - QMS, P&Ps, qualification or validation assistance  by 3Comply
  • Finance and Banking - particularly regulatory cybersecurity programs, CISO services, vendor due diligence
  • Manufacturing, oil and gas, mining has seen a big change in HSSE compliance evidence - we can help
  • Healthcare compliance - billing, HIPAA, data security and cybersecurity are all key areas

Services by Regulation



  • GDPR - most US based companies are impacted - have you assessed the impact on your operations yet?
  • HIPAA - before there was GDPR there was HIPAA - Privacy and Security requirements
  • State specific Privacy, Data Protection, Cybersecurity laws are in effect or coming into effect
  •  3Comply assesses and identifies what to leverage to make it simple

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  • Your Board, regulators, auditors, management etc. need to know you are compliant in regulatory, privacy and security compliance.
  • 3Comply provides plans or gap assessments designed for simple, successful execution producing evidence of compliance

Why 3Comply?


  • Most people hate compliance because it is complicated, seems unduly costly and it is hard to show value for it.
  • We believe the problem is focusing on the what and why rather than the how.  Decisions tend to be made at the "what and why" level rather than the" how."
  • By focusing on the "how" 3Comply assists companies in making steady progress and showing a straightforward compliance program is a real asset.

How we work with you


  • Packages of services available based on “fit”
  • We provide virtual method for interview and information sharing
  • Simple, focused reports heavily emphasizing plans that are easy to implement
  • Monitoring methods enable satisfactory statements of compliance

Who is 3Comply?



  • Only people who have been in your shoes before - and successfully demonstrated compliance
  • Knowledgeable of multiple industries
  • Global experience - how to keep it simple
  • Compliance, Privacy and Security certified
  • Work primarily virtually
  • We know most people hate compliance; so we make it simple and beneficial


Where did we come from?

After 13+ years working together making a large service provider compliant, we decided to take our knowledge and experience to small and medium sized companies that need to be compliant but find it too expensive, complicated or hard to prove it's valuable. 

Bill Cameron, CIPM, CIPP/US, Janet Himmelreich, CCEP, CCEP-I, CIPP/US, CIPP/E and Pascal Marat, CIPT, CISA are all passionate about emphasizing the how to make complying simple.


Meet us

  • Bill is a graduate of University of Rhode Island and now lives in RI, where 3Comply is headquartered.
  • Janet has been working in compliance since before it was known as compliance!  She resides in PA and is a graduate of Gettysburg College and both Lehigh and Widener Universities.
  • Pascal is a CPA and a resident of MA although he was educated in Paris and at the Wharton School of the University of PA.

3Comply blog

Welcome to the 3Comply blog where we will bring you conventional and unconventional ideas and suggestions all designed to help you Comply Simply.