Wrapping standard IT products and services with quality and compliance



The principals of 3Comply spent over 13 years together   managing compliance requirements that were deployed through a quality   management system. These requirements   were typically described in depth in the contracts between our company, the   vendor, and the regulated entity to meet industry specific compliance   regulations. As the vendor, the   liability for non-compliance did not lie there but rather with the customer   who needed to maintain compliance. 

The concept of a wrap is not unique, however the method of   integrating into the whole of the teams deployed to work on highly regulated   customers was. Starting with a   well-defined and clearly specified quality management program that was   underpinned by ISO certifications, the entirety of the “bespoke” management   teams budgeted and then   

Executed with compliance, quality and/or privacy and security officers assigned to each client team. This key person was a member of the management team and responsible for the implementation of the quality program which was then augmented by the compliance center of excellence. The center supplied the backbone policies, procedures, job descriptions, training and SMEs by industry that backed up each of the compliance officers to meet the specific requirements of each client.

 Our customers benefited from best practices gained from other industry segments and the ability to share fixed costs. 3Comply, developed its philosophy of “comply simply” from these years together as compliance officers and at the center as the industry SMEs. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in this method of outsourcing compliance.  

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 "Administrative and Procedural controls need to be demonstrated in any good QMS"

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