Good Compliance Practices


Many companies, particularly small to medium size firms,   tend to have an initial push around establishing compliance programs with the   policies and procedures needed to support it and then let it languish for   months or even years. This is a   dangerous situation to be in – you may be open to fines and penalties from   non-compliance, whistleblowers or audits that reveal not only monetary   impacts but possibly brand damaging fall out. 

How 3Comply can help: 

- By performing a quick assessment to establish   the “state of compliance” 

- Getting you ready to face an audit or   assessment 

- Helping establish policies and procedures; 

- Implementing training programs;

- Evaluating your current program to maximize   its value to the business and reduce overall risk;

- Establishing a program or reinvigorate yours   if necessary

What our customers say:

 “I couldn’t have possibly achieved my approval without the quality and compliance program 3Comply set up. They are fantastic to work with!”   - Brian Weller, President Global Safety First 

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