Our approach: Comply Simply

The 3Comply approach to comply simply


Due to our extensive experience we know how help our clients comply simply.  This means making sure the requirements are understood and applying the right level of good compliance practices to any operation.  

Our approach is based on two things:  The Deming Cycle and the US Sentencing Guidelines.  

PLAN: State of Compliance

Relative to the PLAN step in the Deming cycle, State of Compliance is designed to understand the current state of compliance relative to the requirements. 

The output of this is a report and known areas to focus on. 

DO: Comply Simply / Compliance Tuning

This is the execution stage of implementing the right level of activity relative to the requirements, gaps and risks.  This is a fully collaborative activity. Activities could include implementing, controls, policies, procedures, work instructions, training, and reporting. 

CHECK: Simple Check

At this stage a period of time has elapsed between the time of the implementation.  The compliance best practices are checked to make sure that they are effective. 

ACT: Improve Simply

This is the continuous improvement stage of the cycle.  Any gaps found during the simple check will need to be addressed.  

3Comply approach presentation

3Comply How we can help you (pdf)